New Orleans newspaper project

As The Louisiana Weekly, one of the nation’s oldest African-American community newspapers, approaches its centennial it is examining what the next-generation urban media can become. Curtis has brought his print and digital experience to that conversation.



His relationship with New Orleans goes back more than a decade, when he earned a producer credit with Wayne Ewing Films' “The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press” documentary about NOLA icon Gypsy Lou Webb and the Loujon Press.
Also with Wayne Ewing Films, Curtis appears in the documentary series “Rum Dairy Back-Story” about how Hunter Thompson’s “long lost novel” became a Johnny Depp film. To take the series from virtual to reality, Confocal produced a video gallery at the iconic Clockhouse venue in Manhattan.

Curtis in The Rum Diary Back-Story by Wayne Ewing Films.

Curtis in The Rum Diary Back-Story by Wayne Ewing Films.

National Courts Monitor

As the granddaughter of Tommy “The Cork” Corcoran, who helped write the New Deal, Sara Corcoran Warner hails from one of America’s high-profile legal families. As California slashed court budgets, she became active in letting people know what that means for families facing life-changing civil litigation – like housing evictions, traffic tickets that lead to jail time and the horrible expense of the system. Based on the success in California, Sara moved to Washington where she continues to produce the National Courts Monitor website and events while frequently contributing to The Huffington Post blogsite.

WEHOville – The West Hollywood news website

Hank Scott’s journalism and media creation career has moved from free daily newspapers to the New York Times. His current project is a print/online publication serving West Hollywood.

Aspen Journalism

The non-profit news organization celebrated its fifth birthday this summer. Curtis is a founding member of the group’s advisory board and was honored to also become a founding member of its Publisher’s Circle.